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  • January 21, 2010

    Dedication of Lawrence Neale Jones Library at HUSD


    Dr. Lawrence Jones, who died this past December, was a leading influence in the Consortium throughout his tenure at the Howard University Divinity School. [1975-1991]

    Yesterday, after a moving Worship Service and several ‘Reflections” on Dean Jones, the Lawrence Neale Jones Library of the Divinity School was dedicated. I was very happy to be able to attend the Worship and Dedication.

    Dean Jones led the Divinity School to its present campus. He built the Library. He put it in the very center of the Divinity School.

    He hired outstanding faculty still present at the Divinity School. Dr. Cain Hope Felder offer comments on behalf of the faculty. Dr. Cheryl Sanders called the community to worship.

    Dean Alton Pollard offered a fine Meditation on the moment–he tied several important topics together in a creative fashion.

    Dean Jones, writing in 1985 said:

    “I have three basic theological propositions which anchor what I do: (1) God’s grace is sufficient for you–if you seriously intend to live according to his will and if you repent of your rebellion against him. (2) God does not require you to be successful. He only requires that you be faithful. (3) You can trust in the trustworthiness of God.”

    Dean John Kinney of VUU offer short but powerful reminiscences on his Uncle Dean Jones.