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  • January 6, 2010

    First Orientation of New Year


    The new year 2010 has really begun now.
    I had the first New Student Orientation–at Howard.

    I arrived in time for the luncheon–simple but fun with plenty of humor from Dean Alton Pollard.
    Dean of Students Claretta McDaniel handled the details of my presentation and that of Student Representative Linwood Blizzard [also Co-Chair of the Consortium Student Board]with her normal aplomb.

    The students were quite attentive. At the luncheon they share a few details about their backgrounds–and the call.

    I was gratified after lunch when Dr. Kortright David mentioned to me that he had used my book Everyday Virtues in one of his classes–and that the students had found it helpful.

    I also talked to Dr. Delores Carpenter and she mentioned her recent retirement from pastoring. I was very happy to hear that she is still on faculty and teaching.