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  • September 2, 2009

    Service to the church–Howertine Duncan


    I was privileged yesterday to attend the Opening Worship Service at Wesley Theological Seminary.

    During the course of the Service a candle was lit by Dr. Bill Faupel in memory of Howertine Farrell Duncan, the recently deceased Reference Librarian at Wesley. Dr. Mary Moschella then gave a brief tribute to Howertine.

    Howertine was usually one of the first people I saw when entering Wesley’s Library.
    She always offered a friendly greeting–even when very busy serving faculty and students.

    I learned she was patient and dedicated in this ministry.
    She attended numerous meetings of the Consortium Librarians during the decade I knew her–another form of service.

    The Memorial at the Worship Service put me in mind of the endless hours of service provided by all those who work in the Consortium institutions. Most all regard this work not as a job but a ministry for the students and for the church.

    I find this quiet and unheralded service deeply edifying.