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  • April 24, 2009

    Friends of the Consortium Eighth Annual Reception
    St. John’s Episcopal Church–Lafayette Square


    Last evening 60 Friends of the Consortium, including members of the Consortium Student Board, gathered for ecumenical conversation, for a tour of the newly-renovated St. John’s Church by Board Chairman Jim Lowe, and for a presentation by Dr. Shaun Casey of Wesley Seminary on “Religion and the Recent Election.”

    The tour of the Church of Presidents was excellent, the conversation delightful, the presentation personal and thought-provoking [Dr. Casey served as an advisor to Barack Obama during the campaign.], the question and answer session stimulating and provocative– and the food excellent.

    Our diverse group of friends and ‘friends of friends’ provides a mosaic of the rich life of the Consortium.
    We continue to dialogue and debate with one another as we seek deeper understanding on the road to full communion.