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  • April 4, 2009

    Mission in a Secular World
    My Presentation for the Richmond Forum on Mission and Missiology


    This past Thursday I was privileged to speak to the Mission Group in Richmond on
    “Mission and Secularism: Sharing Faith in AmericaToday.”

    Dr. Stan Skreslet of Union/PSCE invited me and hosted the evening for the colleagues.

    The occasion impelled me to put some of my thoughts on paper.
    The discussion with the members was thought-provoking.
    I will be revising my paper and adding new thoughts.

    It has always been a privilege for me to work with the three member institutions of the Richmond Consortium.
    So I am a sad that our association will come to an end this June.
    I perceive that on Thursday I made my last official visit–though I intend, as a friend, to stop in from time to time at the 2 schools who are departing, Union/PSCE and BTSR.

    On Monday the Board of the Washington Theological Consortium voted to admit the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University to the Consortium—so our relationship will continue in a new way–and I will continue to travel to Richmond but in a somewhat different role.