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  • March 5, 2009

    “An Educated Man”


    I found the sermon given yesterday afternoon by Rev. William W. Bennett at the HUSD Alumni Chapel Service most thought-provoking. The part that ‘spoke to me’ was about Gamaliel. The educated man had the sense to see what was going on–the Apostles spoke with power. He counseled leaving them alone.

    The deeper point is that we must change when God calls us to change. Gamaliel realized that change was imminent. Rev. Bennett notes that we will need to continue to change throughout life.

    Now I can be resistant to change. I like some things to remain constant. I want some control.
    But the reality of the spiritual life is that I have to change to become more like Christ!

    I have to keep open to change–I learn this over and over–including yesterday.