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  • January 9, 2009


    I thought that I should post my Christmas letter for all who do not receive it by post.

    Dear Friends:

    The Consortium Year 2008 could be considered the Year of Friendships and Communication.

    * The Development Committee transformed into the Friends Committee. Since positive relationships are the foundation for ecumenism and interfaith dialogue, the Board Committee will fulfill the WTC mission by providing opportunities for conversation and friendship. This will be done especially through the Annual Friends’ Reception on April 23rd at St. John’s Lafayette Square. The Reception is a low cost and substantive event—please bring your friends.

    * The Consortium Student Board is quite active this year. The members have decided to get to know one another better. They have also decided to sponsor events where students can meet each other and engage in conversation.

    * The Friends Committee has invited the members of the Consortium Student Board to attend the Annual Friends’ Reception.

    * We hope to enhance communications by updating our website regularly. If you wish to know what is going on, the website is the first place to look [www.washtheocon.org]. The new Home Page, now ending its development phase, will be operative very soon.

    * I am ‘blogging’ more these days. The Blog, Ecumenism Today—Coffee with Crossin–is both a low-key Commentary and a weekly Chronicle. I offer short reflections on Consortium events and Commentary, especially from the point of view of spiritual ecumenism, on whatever strikes me! You are welcome to respond with your own thoughts. The blog is accessible under executive director on our website.

    I continue to pray for you every day—and hope that you will pray for mutual understanding between Christians and among all faiths.


    (Rev) John W. Crossin, OSFS
    Executive Director

    Upcoming Events–as listed on the Consortium Website