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  • January 2, 2009

    Teaching is a Joy


    I am getting ready to teach–Spiritual Ecumenism.
    The course begins next Monday in Richmond.

    I have just run off the final version of the syllabus.
    My handouts are ready.
    I need to (re)write one more lecture this weekend–and then it is off to Richmond.

    I enjoy this total immersion in the ecumenical world.
    I learn a lot from the students–as they always have insights and they live in a bit of a different world than mine!

    There will be a little sadness during these two weeks in Richmond.
    Two of the Schools of the Richmond Consortium–Union and Baptist–will not be continuing in the WTC next year, while the 3rd, Virginia Union, intends to continue with us. Thus I will have less contact with the two in the future–I have enjoyed our relationship.

    For the next few weeks I put aside my administrative duties and return, ever so briefly, to the classroom. It will be as always a learning experience.