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  • November 25, 2008


    I have been quite busy for the last several days finalizing the Grant Proposal of the Consortium Science and Religion Faculty Group [CSRG]. They are seeking funding for their 3 year project on reconciliation. This is a most worthy project. The Group often surprises me in what they would like to do.

    A Summary:

    A Platform for Peacebuilding

    The exploration will be of “What the Sciences, Theology, Spirituality, Philosophy and the Humanities teach us about building peace in our fractured world.” The will involve a review of recent literature in these fields, conversation with leading thinkers, dialogue among all participants, and attempts at synthesis of the varied dimensions.

    A key element of this project will be to investigate Peacebuilding from a scientific point of view. While the current literature on reconciliation is plentiful, this scientific perspective is only now becoming more evident.

    A second key element is theology/spirituality. The expertise of the CSRG includes that of scientists with training in theology as well as theologians with knowledge of science.

    The project will have multiple dimensions (planks in the platform). These are (1) Animal Behavior; (2) Reconciliation between Peoples and Nations; (3) Ecumenical Reconciliation; (4) Education for Mutual Understanding of Science and Religion. One member of the group will be the point person [coordinator] for each dimension. Each of the four coordinators has a national reputation in his/her field.

    Toward the end of the project we will seek to develop a synthesis or syntheses. We will share all this work in publication.

    I hope that this proposal receives funding.

    I realize that this proposal shows that here in WTC we are working on the
    Major Issues of Our time.