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  • November 4, 2008


    The ecumenical movement is almost 100 years old.
    What would things look like if we Christians–or most of us–came into full communion soon.

    One aspect of unity which I talk about ‘half jokingly’ is our need to continue to fight.
    One of my little articles is entitled “More People to Fight With”
    Christians have been disagreeing with each other since the beginning.
    I see no reason to believe that we will not continue to disagree on lots of matters–and even to create new matters to disagree on moving forward–even if we are in full communion.

    A key question in coming to full communion, it seems to me, is
    What Will We Leave to Later?

    Or, what absolutely has to be resolved now–and what can wait for later resolution.
    There is some danger of making everything equal and thinking we have to settle every single issue right away.

    I believe that we can leave some matters for the next 100 years as we grow in our full communion!

    Some disagreements, discussion, etc can be left to later–perhaps the Holy Spirit will give our successors a few insights and things to do.

    So the question is What is really most important–and what can be wisely left until later?