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  • October 27, 2008


    This Blog is both a Chronicle and a Commentary.

    You will notice occasional parts of this blog deal with contemporary spirituality and ecumenism.
    Others deal with the ongoing life of the Consortium.

    I have more extended commentaries in my articles on the Consortium website
    www.washtheocon.org under my ‘beautiful’ picture.

    My comments today center on the conversion to ecumenism.

    I notice that the summary of the concluding text of the recent Catholic Synod of Bishops in Rome makes two references to the ecumenical importance of reading the Bible. I note that the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople addressed the Bishops of the Synod several days ago.

    I infer that ecumenism is moving out of the so-called ‘winter’ into a ‘new springtime’.

    The key to this movement, it seems to me, is conversion to ecumenism. I mean by this the conviction, in the Spirit, that the promotion of Christian Unity should get my “priority time” and not just be an afterthought or an obligation. Not all Christians are called to make ecumenism a top priority–but many of us are.

    This is a matter of prayer and discernment.
    I would be happy to help with the discernment–having gradually come to the conclusion that Christian Unity will always be a part of my life’s work.

    Peace and Joy,