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  • October 27, 2008


    The Systematic Theology group also met this past Friday at VTS under the leadership of Dr. Kate Sonderegger. The Bible and Systematics Groups shared dinner and discussion after their separate meetings.

    The Systematics Group discussed two papers that will be published sometime in the future. The first “Who Shall I Say Sent Me” is the proposed first chapter of Dr. Kendall Soulen’s [Wesley Theological Seminary] work tentatively entitled The Divine Names(s) and the Holy Trinity. The discussion of this chapter was detailed and lengthy.

    The second paper by Dr. Sonderegger on “The Doctrine of Providence” received a less detailed discussion due to limits of time. This is not to say that there were not many points made, discussed, disputed.

    This discussion reminded me that as a moral theologian turned administrator I am “at a distance” from many of the works cited and views debated.

    But I want to encourage this kind of extended collegial discussion which sharpens thought, improves writing and teaching and builds bonds. I noticed that some of the members of this group were still engaging in desert-time discussion at 8:00 PM when I departed VTS for home.