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  • October 2, 2008


    It is good at this time in the semester–after giving no less that 12 orientation talks to 12 different groups of new students–to recall one basic principle of Consortium [and ecumenical] life.

    We favor ecumenism in depth.

    In my 10 points for new students I put it this way:

    7. Some are saying: All Christians are the same–The Consortium Schools are saying that the traditions are significantly different.

    We are saying that for the ecumenical future, you will need more than superficial theological knowledge.

    We are saying that, to be truly ecumenical, we need to understand our traditions so well that the commonalities with others will become clear and new insights will emerge.

    I should mention that we are seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to achieve these new insights.

    And we also pray that when we have such insights we will not retreat into our comfort zones rather than pursue them. Ecumenism can require some courage as well as great patience.