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  • August 12, 2008


    I am back to having coffee in the middle of the afternoon and reflecting on various happenings.

    The Consortium semester began yesterday with the first of the on campus student orientations. I met with the new students–57 of them–at Virginia Theological Seminary and explained the workings of the Consortium.

    I have a revised version of Crossin’s 10 points for new students this year.

    A key element is asking the students if they might follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in making a [modest] commitment to be active ecumenically.

    I always enjoy the student orientations.
    I find them personally enriching.

    Yesterday I stayed for lunch and thus had the opportunity to meet some of the students personally and answer some of their questions. I gave, for example, an extended response to a questions about courses for the new Consortium Certificate Program in Muslim-Christian Dialogue. This program is gradually being launched and more course are starting to be offered.