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  • June 4, 2008


    Here at Dominican House the construction of the new wing of the building is
    progressing. There are numerous folks working each day on getting the building ready for the fall.

    There is a huge hole in the ground adjacent to Michigan Avenue–I presume that utilities are being connected and other necessary elements installed underground

    The Domincian library will be closed for the months of July and August–and reopen in the new building in September, God willing.

    Our Consortium offices have been on the second floor of Dominican House since 1972. For over three decades the Dominicans have been gracious hosts of our work.

    We will be moving out of the present offices to another part of the second floor–perhaps as early as next month. Part of the overall construction project is the renovation of the rooms we occupy and others on the second floor of the ‘old building’.

    We are using this opportunity to clean out our files and put our necessary records into order. Lots of documents have already been either disposed of or put into binders for the archives.

    So if you see Marguerite Connolly and I in our work outfits, you will know that the move is upon us.

    Of course, we will always be available by email or voicemail no matter what offices we are occupying.

    Time for more coffee.