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  • April 28, 2008


    On Friday the Science and Religion Faculty Group had
    its last luncheon meeting of the year at WTU. There was a discussion
    of upcoming events. As you probably know, the group
    sponsors a public event each semester on Science and Religion.
    The most recent was noted earlier in this blog.

    Science and Religion will be the topic of the fall Faculties’ Convocation
    on September 29th at VTS.

    The agenda is as follows:

    Science and Religion at Virginia Theological Seminary—Dr. Francis Collins has confirmed that he will speak.

    The Science and Religion Group has workshops lined up:

    1. Evolution and Original Sin—Joe Wimmer [WTU] and Daryl Domning [Howard]

    2. The Scientific Community and the Dialogue on Science and Religion: Challenges and Opportunities—Connie Bertka for the Howie Center at Union/PSCE

    3. The Brain and Religious Experience—Fred Ware [HUSD]

    4. An Overview of Issues of Science and Religion—James Wiseman [CUA]

    5. Emergence—The End of Science—Walt Shropshire [Wesley]

    The group expects to have a public event on March 28, 2009 with a speaker and a respondent.

    The group did not just do business!
    Professor Larry Fagg of the Physics Department of CUA [he is now retired]
    wrote an editorial for a science and religion journal and asked the members for feedback –which they gave in abundance.