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  • April 22, 2008


    I was happy to spend part of last week in Chicago
    at the National Workshop on Christian Unity. You may recall
    that last year I served on the Local Committee which hosted this event
    in Washington.

    This year there was not nearly so much to do!
    I had more time to visit with folks–and update them
    on the Consortium.

    The three previous years I presented one of the Workshops [last year the
    workshop was on the work of the Consortium]–this
    year I was free to attend workshops.

    I saw our former Chair Rev. Thomas Prinz–he seems to be doing
    very well and is busy as ever–both with his congregation in Leesburg and with
    ecumenical work.

    I saw Rev. Becky Crites-she recently graduated from VTS-she is now the ecumenical officer
    for the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Virginia. She was in very good
    spirits as usual. She is a living reminder that if you take my course in ecumenism, things might happen!

    I also saw Brother Jeff Gros. Jeff received the Consortium Ecumenism Award this past February. He was very thankful and positive about receiving the award–and was happy for the opportunity to see his friends at the ceremony at the John Leland Center [He mentioned Dr. Dolores Leckey of the Woodstock Theological Center among others.]

    As usual, several people asked if Wesley Seminary would be offering the Doctor of Ministry Degree in Ecumenism any time soon. There is a low-key and continuing interest.

    So, it was a great experience!
    More later.