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  • April 22, 2008


    I have just refreshed my coffee at lunch!
    But this will be my last blog on a very busy 8 days.

    Yesterday, due to the energy of Dr. Henry Simmons of
    Union/PSCE, we have a meeting of Professors of Christian
    Education in Richmond. This luncheon meeting with Christian Educators was a first for me.
    The quality of the discussion was outstanding–as people shared about
    their teaching and research. There were several major themes that
    emerged. I was impressed with the focus on the local congregation and its
    needs–and reflection on how to prepare students to serve. The approach struck
    me as multidisciplinary. The colleagues are well-read across fields–in search of the best
    preparation for their students and the best for the congregations they serve.

    All in all a fine meeting.
    It was well worth the trip in the rain.