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  • April 22, 2008


    I am certainly having my coffee today.
    On Friday I was drinking cokes however.

    I was sitting in a studio on Massachusetts Avenue
    and offering comments on Pope Benedict’s visit to
    a Jewish Synagogue in New York and then to a group of
    250 ecumenical leaders at St. Joseph’s church.

    Ellen McCloskey of the Office of Digital Media of the
    US Conference of Catholic Bishops had invited me to
    be a Guest on the Live Web Cast of these events.

    It was a very interesting
    experience. I was here offering live comments
    on what was happening there. These were somewhat planned
    and a bit spontaneous depending on what was actually happening.

    The videos are still available at www.uspapalvisit.org and should
    be for the foreseeable future. This website can also be accessed through the
    Bishop’s Conference Website [www.usccb.org].

    This guest commentary was one of the unexpected things–there are a number–that
    I am asked to do as Director of the Consortium. This makes for an interesting day!!