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  • April 10, 2008


    We had a wonderful presentation and discussion yesterday
    at WTU over lunch. This was the annual luncheon of the
    Consortium Faculty Group that is involved with the Spiritual
    Formation of lay students.

    The presenter was Dr. Timothy Sedgwick–Vice President
    at VTS and distinguished ethicist/moral theologian. He offered
    his personal reflections on the influence of theological education
    on spiritual formation and vice versa.

    Actually the two should be
    seen as one. Our spiritual formation influences our theologizing and our
    theology influences our spiritual journey. We can approach our theological
    reading with the ‘mindset’ of lectio divina; we can bring our knowledge of God
    and the Trinity into our prayer–perhaps by letting our knowledge change our practices of

    This was a rich presentation and discussion–filled with practical examples from the faculty

    Dr. Sedgwick has shared his notes with me–so that I can reflect more on all this.
    This integration is at the center of what we do–and is of prime importance to ecumenism.