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  • April 1, 2008


    I am still drinking coffee from lunch.
    I have to keep up the blog name.

    Last Tuesday at this time I was in Richmond.
    I had just heard a very stimulating but quite informal
    presentation by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and Ann Atward.
    on “The Power of Race.” Jonathan is the leader of the New Monasticism
    and Ann is a seasoned civil rights leader and activist. Theirs was an
    experiential talk–it was quite absorbing. One thought that sticks with me
    is that the way of interpreting Scripture that justified segregation and discrimination
    persists in some places–and this is one root of a continuing problem.

    The talk, one of the Lawrence Hoover lectures at the Baptist Theological Seminary
    in Richmond, was a concrete and practical discussion of a perduring issue in our culture.