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  • February 7, 2008


    We had a fine service for the Week of Prayer
    for Christian Unity at The John Leland Center
    on Monday.

    The Consortium Student Board spent much time
    and energy developing the Service. Steven Bell–the
    Consortium Student Board Co-Chair,
    a Paulist seminarian who attends WTU–presided.

    During the Service, Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell
    former General Secretary of the National Council of Churches
    Brother Jeffrey Gros, FSC
    Former Associate Directior of the Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference
    received the
    Consortium Ecumenism Award.

    Their remarks will be available on our website–as will be a part of the
    excellent Service of the Student Board.

    One of the advantage of attending the annual service is
    the opportunity to meet and converse with the honorees and
    the faculty, students, administrators and Board members of the Consortium.
    Both Joan and Jeff are friendly, engaging and insightful people
    It is a joy to speak with them.
    The example of their dedication is truly inspiring.

    We were blessed to have them with us for the evening.
    And blessed with the generous service of the Student Board.