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  • January 19, 2008


    I have returned to the daily routine of the office
    after teaching for 7 days at Gettysburg Lutheran.
    The course was on Spiritual Ecumenism.

    I always enjoy my visits to Gettysburg.
    People are warmly welcoming–despite the cold and rain
    of January. The students are very good–I always learn something.

    This year I was hindered by a bad cold–but struggled through.
    I had the help of my guest speakers–Rev. Thomas Prinz, Dr. Mitzi
    Budde and Rev. John Farrelly, OSB. They provided a different voice–and this
    year a clear one in contrast to my attenuated one!

    Let me encourage you to consider taking or teaching a course at Gettysburg someday.
    It is quite a good experience.