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  • September 7, 2007


    The annual Consortium Ecumenical Orientation for new students took place yesterday afternoon and evening. We began with a prayer service in the beautiful Caldwell Chapel at Catholic University [4:45]. Father James Wiseman, Associate Dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, greeted the students on behalf of Dean Kevin Irwin.

    Interim Chairman of the Consortium Student Board Steven Bell welcomed the students and introduced the members of the Board who were present.

    I pointed out to the students that this ecumenical orientation was experiential–praying ogether, meeting people, sharing ideas, learning about Catholic religious houses, ….

    The service itself was the equal of any I have experienced in my 10 years as Executive Director. The singing was enthusiastic. The proclamation of the Word was most clear. Dr. John Yieh’s sermon was outstanding [we will be posting his text next week].

    After prayer, guest students dispersed to eleven Catholic religious houses in the area for dinner
    and discussion.

    The initial reports I have received from participants have been more numerous than previous years. Several individuals stopped me as they were returning to their buses to indicate their enthusiasm–and how much they had learned.

    I certainly was gratified.

    -Ecumenism is rooted in prayer.
    -It progresses in friendship and mutual sharing.
    -Yesterday we made a good beginning in this new school year.