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  • July 21, 2007

    Dear Friends:

    Summer has been a slower time at the Consortium office.
    We don’t receive so many phone calls–Yet we are busy preparing
    for next year.

    One anniversary that occurs next year is the 100th Anniversary of the
    Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This is usually celebrated throughout
    the world from January 18 th to January 25th each year. However,
    participants understand that this celebration can be moved for good reason.

    In April the Consortium Council of Academic Deans
    spend some extended time discussing the celebration of
    The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
    They agreed that they will ask the Consortium Schools
    to celebrate the Week of Prayer
    the first week of February each year.
    All schools will be back in session during that week.
    [It is from February 3rd to 11th this coming year.]

    The Consortium Prayer Service for Christian Unity will take place that week
    It will be held on February 4 at the John Leland Center at 4:00 PM

    The Deans have asked that I contact each member institution and ask that each devote
    a worship service that week for Christian Unity and
    invite a guest preacher from one of the other Consortium institutions.
    The Deans suggest that it would be ideal to have a common worship service with another Consortium institution—at least some years.

    They asked me to publish a list this fall of all services and preachers (if possible) so that students, faculty and friends would have multiple options for celebrating the Week of Prayer.

    I pray that the Spirit will guide us in our efforts
    to enhance our celebrations of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.