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  • January 19, 2007


    In the pastoral ministry–in parishes, congregations, hospitals–we often
    do a lot of listening. People want to tell us their story–or a part thereof.

    I find this happens on Sunday at Annunciation parish. And I sometimes respond by telling
    a bit of my own life-story.

    In ecumenical dialogue we do the same. We tell each other our stories.

    Often we share how God has led us into ministry. We reflect on or wonder about
    the guidance of the Spirit. We also tell the story of our community so that we might better understand one another.

    I tell new students in the Consortium that when they study at another member campus, one
    thing they can do to get to know fellow students is to ask about their ‘call by God’–the story of God’s work in their lives.

    The stories are usually interesting and informative.

    Listening to these is a very good prepartion for our ministry.