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  • October 20, 2006


    Last week I had the opportunity to stop in at
    Howard University School of Divinity for the 5:30 PM
    prayer. There was a mixed crowd of students and faculty gathered
    in the Chapel.

    Much to my surprise and delight, a trustee of the Consortium
    the Rev. Robin Franklin-Vaughn was the preacher. She is the Episcopal/Anglican/Lutheran
    chaplain at Howard University.

    Her title shows the results of the ecumenical movement–she holds a combined position for the churches.

    The point of her sermon that I recall now is that we all need a healing community. In particular, those who suffer divorce need that understanding to help them in difficult moments. And it is precisely in such moments that communal bonds are often severed. A point to ponder.

    Hope all goew well as we are in the ‘midterm’ season.