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  • March 17, 2006

    St. Patrick’s Day

    I am drinking coffee, not beer, today too as I write this!

    The Consortium Tachmindji Event on Tuesday, c0-sponsored by Virginia Theological Seminaries’ Office of Lifetime Theological Education
    was extremly interesting and still has me thinking.
    Dr. Casarella promised me a copy of his profound lecture on
    “How Much Time is there for Music in God’s Order of Creation?”

    St Pauls’ Chorister and Schola added a traditional [and family] touch.

    The Post-Classical Ensemble gave such a powerful and suasive performance of
    Manuel de Falla’s 1926 Concerto that it was praised the next day by the Washington Post’s critic.

    I emailed Mrs. Tachmindji, the sponsor and patron of this yearly Event:

    “You will see from the program how integrated the whole evening was.
    Casarella referred to the performance–which was highly instuctive in itself about the Concerto–and the concerto was then discussed at some
    length by the panel. Interestingly, the pianist and the conductor said that they were coming to understand the Concerto better with each performance.
    The smaller venue [their last was the large concert hall in Brooklyn] and the ‘warm’ audience brought out elements that they had not averted to before!”

    I am still trying to absorb all of this!