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  • March 3, 2006

    March 3, 2006
    Coffee is gone
    Is Friday afternoon again.
    This is getting to be my ‘post time’

    Just finished the 6th and next to last draft of the
    Consortium Strategic Plan.
    This one has a lot of changes–from the Deans, the Student Board,
    the former trustees.
    It is a lot better. It took me a few hours to type everything in.

    Interestingly I had to delete a lot of things that are already done–for example, we looked at sharing online courses but so few schools have them that we decided to wait a few more years–the Consortium principle here, simply put, is that each participating institution must have something to ‘put in to the common resource’ So few can participate in this type of sharing that it is good to wait.

    One thing that was added this time was the Student Board’s Ecumenical Essay Contest.
    It was so successful that the move is to make it a yearly event.
    Of course we still have to consider the consultation, so stay tuned1

    John Crossin