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  • January 12, 2006

    Mulling over things with a little cappuccino–

    Last Wednesday I was over at Howard for the Orientation Luncheon for new students. I sat with a couple new students–they both said they took a number of years to say ‘yes’ to the call. One was a little unsettled about going back to school after a break of several years. I tried to be reassuring–it will just take a bit of adjustment!! This is what I think–the experience of life [this woman had been in the military] grounds us and the study skills come back. A little prayer helps too!

    This morning–January 12–I stopped by Wesley to have breakfast with a former student and talk about an independent study course on Virtue EThics. This was a great experience. He is sharing his reflections on the virtues in his Conference newsletter. I think it is good if our academic work can translate into a benefit for our community.

    Coffee has run out!!