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  • Catholic University of America School of Theology

    School of Theology and Religious Studies
    Washington, DC
    Roman Catholic
    Theological School
    Catholic University

    The mission of The Catholic University of America is to render service in the United States as an intellectual center of the highest quality where every dimension of truth, natural and revealed, can be examined with competent expertise. The university seeks in particular to maintain a position of excellence in historical & systematic theology, biblical and liturgical studies, church history, religion and culture, religious education, moral theology & ethics, and spirituality. The university accords priority to theology and to religious studies and to programs that explore the Roman Catholic tradition of humanistic learning and its relevance to the needs of society and the Church.

    To help realize the mission of the university, the School of Theology and Religious Studies sets itself two goals, namely, to promote excellence in teaching, research, and publication in the area of theology and religious studies, and to provide the professional training of lay and clerical leaders who will serve the Roman Catholic community in the United States and throughout the world.

    620 Michigan Ave., NE
    Washington, DC 20064
    (202) 319-5000

    By Metro:  Red Line to Brookland-CUA stop
    Parking by meters near Basilica, or free on side streets (3 hrs.)
    School of Theology is in Caldwell Hall

    In addition to the map below, please click here for a downloadable CUA Campus Map.