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  • Faculty Area Groups

    Join your colleagues across the Consortium for opportunities to connect, discuss, and engage.

    Conveners and plans for the 2014-15 year are listed below. Please reach out to our conveners or contact us for additional information.

    Biblical Studies
    Convener: Robert Miller (CUA)

    Consortium Scripture Faculty Area group met April 9 to discuss essays on pedagogy from England: “Teaching the Bible in the Liberal Arts Classroom, by Webster and Holland”… How to infuse seminary teaching with the interdisciplinary, critical, collaborative approaches of liberal arts teaching was a theme of the conversation. Thanks to scholars from four Consortium schools who participated, to St. Paul’s College for hosting. And a big thanks to Bob Miller for organizing and David Bosworth for reviewing the book!

    Christian Ethics
    Convener: Fr. John Corbett, OP  (PFIC, Dominican House)

    Had  a fall meeting to explore issues around Marriage, Family, and Ethics.

    Church History
    Convener:  Robert Prichard (VTS)

    Convener: John Ford (CUA)

    Ecology and Theology
    Convener:  Gil Waldkoenig (Gettysburg)

    • Two meetings to explore courses in this area draft a proposal for a  Certificate of Studies in Ecology and Theology.
    • Contact Gil if interested in teaching a related course!

    Field/Contextual Education
    Convener: Joe Bush (Wesley)

    Convener:  Dustin Booher (CUA)

    •  Meet regularly, every few months to review policies, update new developments, explore further collaboration.

    Mission and World Religions
    Convener: Pim Valkenberg (CUA)

    Religion in the Arts
    Convener: Peggy Parker (VTS)

    March 27, 2015:   The Religion and Arts faculty of the Consortium schools met at the Museum for Women in the Arts in DC on March 27 to see and discuss the special exhibit “Picturing Mary” with a variety of paintings, lithographs, and statues of the Mother of Christ–especially from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Dr. Deborah Sokolove of Wesley Seminary gave a wonderful tour, and various artists commented on the media, style, history, and imagery of various works. An amazing afternoon! Exhibit open through April 12.

    Science and Religion

    Convener: Daryl Domning (Howard)

    • Regular meetings at Howard,  12:00-2:00 with lunch
    • Beginning February 20, 2015 reading John Haught’s new book.
    • Also meet March 27, 2015 and April 17 (when Dr. Haught will join us!)
    • RSVP with Daryl Domning above.

    Convener: Sara Dwyer, ASC  (St. Paul’s)

    Systematic Theology
    Convener: Kate Sonderegger (VTS)