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  • Al-Alwani Lectures for Muslim-Christian Dialogue

    February 27, 2013
    05:00 PM - 08:00 PM

    The Al-Alwani Lectures focus on contemporary issues in Muslim Christian dialogue. Funded by the Heritage Trust, they are named in honor of Dr. Taha Al-Alwani.

    The Fifth Annual event features Dr. Amir Akrami, Visiting Luce Scholar from the Iranian valkenberg photo crop 2Institute of Philosophy, Center for Interfaith Dialogue, Eastern Mennonite University. He will be joined by Dr. Wilhelmus Valkenberg, Professor of Religion and Culture from Catholic University of America.

    The topic is “People of the Book”–a help or hindrance to interfaith dialogue?  February 27, 2014 at the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation, 1420 16th Street NW, Washington DC  (5:30-8:30pm). RSVP by e-mail.

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