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  • Byzantine Catholic Seminary

    Byzantine Catholic Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius
    Pittsburgh, PA--via online learning
    Byzantine Catholic
    Theological School

    Founded by God’s grace in 1950, the Byzantine Catholic Seminary of Sts. Cyril and Methodius is the official seminary of the Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh, is open to all the North American Eastern Eparchies, and welcomes all those seeking the knowledge possessed by the Eastern ecclesial traditions. BCS is the only free-standing, English speaking, Byzantine Catholic Seminary in the nation.  According to its mission: “As a theological center of learning, we hand on the Tradition of the Christian East for those men and women who seek to serve and enrich the life of the Church and world today”. BCS is a “satellite member” of the Consortium, with an emphasis on online learning and engagement.

    “Byzantine Online” is a fully developed, online learning curriculum of BCS that  delivers the academic content of our in-house courses through asynchronous classes on our web-based, comprehensive learning system. These courses use PowerPoint with embedded audio to deliver content and require a high level of student participation as well as a disciplined approach to academic reading and writing. This program allows students to earn up to a year’s worth of credit courses (27 credits) by taking an array of introductory courses online.  Consortium member schools can take advantage of these online offerings through cross-registration.