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  • Catholic University Library

    Theology Collection in Mullen Library
    Location E-15 on  CUA Campus Map
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    Hours: Open Monday through Sunday, most semesters.
    Call for updates, phone: 202-319-5060

    Library Catalogue: CUA Library Catalogue

    Website Catholic University of America Libraries

    Collection Highlights:

    The Religious Studies and Philosophy collections at CUA comprise almost 300,000 volumes, with subjects including Biblical Studies, Church History, Early Christian Studies, Medieval and Byzantine studies, Religion and Religious Education, Theology, and Canon Law. The collections are oriented to Roman Catholic and Eastern Catholic religious materials as well as Greek, Medieval, and Phenomenological philosophies. There are also collections of material on the Orthodox Church, Judaism, Anglicanism, Protestantism, and other religions where needed to support the collection. The holdings of the Rare Books and Special Collections, some 70,000 volumes, range from medieval documents to first editions of twentieth century authors.  RBSC houses over 100 manuscripts, dating from the fourteenth on, including medieval legal documents, papal bulls, books of hours, monumental choir books and philosophical and legal codices.

    The Semitics/ICOR Library contains 45,000 volumes of monographs and periodicals. Its nucleus is the private library (ca. 20,000 volumes) of Msgr. Henri Hyvernat (1858-1941), Coptic scholar and founder of the department and Institute. The library’s collections of Coptic, Syriac and Christian Arabic materials are especially significant. The history of early western scholarship on the Christian Orient is well represented here. The Semitics/ICOR Library is rich in early Catholic imprints from the sixteenth century onward. The Semitics/ICOR Library houses an extensive collection of travel literature on the Near and Far East spanning the sixteenth-nineteenth centuries.

    The CUA libraries  also have holdings in Engineering/Architecture, Humanities, Music, Nursing/Biology, Physics, and other fields.