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  • A Model for Dialogue

    February 28, 2014 | By lgolemon
    Categories: Students, Faculty, Public

    The Al-Alwani lectures featured a remarkable conversation about the designation of Jews and Christians as “People of the Book” in the Quran.  Dr. Amir Akrami challenged established interpretation by arguing that the relevant passages refer not to converts but to those Christians and Jews who retained belief in the one God, a belief in final judgment, and lived a righteous life.   Dr. Pim Valkenberg went on to argue that the concept actually challenges people of all faiths to avoid placing too much confidence in their own “religion” as the completion of truth, and rely instead on the outstretched hand of God’s continual grace.   Excellent moderation by Dr. Richard Jones, Al-Alwani chair, wonderful discussion, and great reception and conversation.  We hope you can join us again next year!