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  • October 22, 2010

    Light and Darkness


    I recently was reading Dr. William Rusch’s article in Ecumenical Trends.
    He reviews some of the history of the ecumenical movement–and concludes that there seem to be some storm clouds up ahead. [He uses a weather metaphor throughout.]

    Stormy weather might indeed be up ahead if we focus on certain ecumenical dialogues–and not on others. Dr. Rusch comes from many years of ecumenical service to the Lutheran church and notes that this is his perspective.

    This fine article stimulated my own thinking.

    I believe that there is both light and darkness if one surveys the ecumenical universe. We must keep the universe of dialogue in mind

    Moral issues have come to the fore in some arenas casting some dark shadows. Convergence in doctrine in other arenas–such as the North American Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue–has led to some thinking about further steps into a positive ecumenical future.

    We are all aware, of course, that God can speak out of the storm clouds–and in sunlight.
    We are to listen for the divine word however it comes to us!